24 volt charger hook up Connecting dual bank charger to 24V trolling motor

24 volt charger hook up

Main Crappie Fishing Forum. It should have run the battery charger automatically when the batteries got low but it didn't. The second battery will equalize with the first as it's being charged. Greg in KYSep 20, Attempting to charge both will indeed not work.

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Charging 24 volt battery setup

We cannot do that until he tells us what type of charger he has. But later I did find out what was happening to the alternator.

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Switch to Threaded Mode. Question - Does it make any difference if I leave the batteries in series and charge them both at once, or disconnect them and charge them individually? I am on a 'time of use' measured system and am thinking about setting a timer to run a small charger during the off-peak times in that manner.

This will take twice as long; as with a two or three bank charger; but; they charge each battery independently.

Each battery gets its own leads from each bank. I only have a single 12 volt charger. No, create an account now. Every charger should have a type, model, serial and manufacturer printed on the charger label.

Charging 24 volt system with a 12 volt charger- Hi Jim, I agree with you on that. You cannot charge or jump both batteries at the same time from a 12v source without disconnecting them.

Just to 24 volt charger hook up sure- The battery cables do not need to be disconnected to either charge with a 12v charger or jump from a 12v vehicle. Each battery must be charged separately. They look almost identical. However, I could find no directions on this in the manual that came with the charger.

You need a twenty four volt charge to do both at the same time without unhooking the batteries. Is it a Dual 12V or 24V. Apparently I use too much power during the day to make use of that 24 volt charger hook up.

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Seriously, I always thought it was the way you think it is until I got my first onboard charger and was freaked out about my 24v system. September 20th, I know my elect. Charging 24 volt battery setup September 20th, Leave the trolling motor recepticle connected to the batteries and charge both batteries at once.

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Connect the charger to the first battery to charge both at once or get two chargers and put the second one on the second battery and charge them twice as fast. User Name Remember Me? And like I told the guys if you don't know ask, and don't be afraid to ask it won't make you look stupid and is how I learned everything. I know it's some sort of load shift, to offload an appliance at peak hours, and recharge the battery at night.

The time now is The time now is You must log in or sign up to reply here. If there is NOT total isolation electrically between those two charger negative leads, you just made an arc welder. The one-way diodes built into the individual controllers should protect everything just fine, so no need to disconnect the two in serial while charging each at 12 volts.