5 seconds of summer preferences bsm your dating another member Explore Daddy Daughter, Brother Sister, and more!

5 seconds of summer preferences bsm your dating another member, bsm: you date/ have a crush on another boy

You're dating another member

I didn't know you felt the same way about me. Read this story for FREE!

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Later that night you asked Calum why he was being a dick. You held back your tears until you were back at the house. Ashton got up from the ground smiling and telling you what a great mum you'll be while Luke and Michael were deciding on who would be the better uncle.

BSM: You're Dating Another Member

You smiled and kissed him again. Luke Calum's gets you pregnant: You were taken aback by Calum's words.

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When the door opened it was Calum in his boxers and a girl standing behind him, her arms wrapped around his waist. You went downstairs to see Luke and Michael playing a game. Normally, it wouldn't be a problem for your boyfriend to visit when your brother was home, but there was just one problem: You didn't want to do a dare so you went with truth.

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Calum looked at you in disbelief, "What? You sat in between your older brother, Luke and your boyfriend Ashton. You finally see Calum and give him the biggest hug ever. We all start laughing and walk into the kitchen talking. When Ashton saw you run out, he immediately picked up your phone and saw the message.

BSM You're Dating One of the Other Boys

You smiled at the idea of your little family. You look up from Luke's shoulder to see your brother smiling in the doorway of your room.

Everything's going to be fine. You started to cry again and buried your head in your pillow.

BSM Another member gets you pregnant

I'm not even going to continue this sentence because it's obviously going nowhere. Luke smiled back to him. You were currently laid with your boyfriend in his bunk on the tour bus, hiding from your older brother and his fellow bandmates.

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I'm so sorry I haven't updated lately. They all gave you a glare and laughed at your comment. Thanks to EmilyNazario for helping me out. You could hear Calum on the other end of the phone.

BSM: You And Another Member Break Up

You gulped, "They're all positive. Age 16 You were having a cookout at your house for the boys coming back home from tour. You collapsed on the couch in tears. You were pregnant at 17 and your boyfriend and brother were in the same room. Congratulations you both will be great parents. When you got home you hung out with Ashton, Calum, and Mikey.

The front door opened and in walked Luke.

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Which meant your boyfriend could visit. But the otherwise cute moment was prevented by the sound of someone clearing his throat in the speakers aloud in the whole arena. You burn red when you see Calum, Ashton, and Luke sitting on the couch. Calum shrugged, "Then, oh well.

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I want to help you and take care of the baby with you.