Bad dating puns These 37 Hilariously Funny Love Puns Will Make Your Day

Bad dating puns

Click to bad dating puns 39 images. How To Love An Empath.

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My boyfriend and I started to date after he backed his car into mine. We met by accident.

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Instead of engaging in my own hobbies, my wife has me constantly helping her in her garden. Calibri said, 'I'm sorry, your personality is too bold.

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The best relationships start when you're least expecting them. I went to prom with a broken leg.

A husband who thinks he is as solid as a rock may have a wife who wishes he was a little boulder. My wife tells me I'm a skeptic, but I don't believe a word she says. I guess you could say I am pistil whipped. And being that we all need a good laugh every now and again, why not check out these 37 love puns that are guaranteed to make you giggle your ass off?

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BuzzLove April 27, When a psychic showed me the girl I'll marry, it was love at second sight. During the slow dances my date could tell that I had a crutch on her.

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Corny, but SO good. More content from YourTango: When a knight was courting his lady, he wore a suit of amour.

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Two fonts, Arial and Calibri, were in the midst of a bad breakup.