Can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground Replacing Two-Prong Receptacles

Can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground, gfci without ground

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The only real difference you would see between the two scenarios is if the fault is really low impedance. If there were a proper ground, then the breaker amtrak gay hookup trip immediately with an arc at the receptacle when the tool was plugged in GFCI or no.

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Valley's Web site Find all posts by David P. To put it simply, if you just have the two wires, black and white, the GFCI will work.

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July 12, at I have found that if you use a three wire extention cord plug into a known receptacle that is known to be wired correctly not only can you se if the GFCI is working but also if the receptacle has been wired with the correct polarity. Remove the cover plate of the outlet.

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Not Helpful 8 Helpful It joins with neutral at the point where power enters the distribution board, bypassing the RCDs. Browse Outdoor Photos on Houzz. Attach the black hot wire to the brass terminal and the white neutral wire to the silver.

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I ran a ground wire for an outlet but when I test it no ground is indicated. It should be noted that an ungrounded GFCI outlet is supposed to be labeled as such.

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We replaced the entire outlet which includes a switch for a vanity light and the new outlet is giving the exact same indications.

Join Date Feb Posts I am of the impression that the GFCI outlet will not trip unless there is a proper ground.

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You can always use the method the guy I worked with used to use. Unscrew the old receptacle from the box and detach the wires.

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Once you become grounded, then the GFCI will sense a fault and trip. Find all posts by Paul W. Is it all right to ground the outlet to the metal box for an older outlet box that doesn't have a ground wire in the box?

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There are volt GFCIs that do not involve a neutral. The imbalance will cause it to trip and kill power to the receptacle.