Charatan pipes dating CHARATAN PIPES.

Charatan pipes dating

I had of them in the s.

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But the second article is pretty good still. One of the articles I've read about the old Charatan briar supplier stated that he reserved the best briar for them and later Barry Jones' Upshall company. In he lured away Joel Sasieni, one of Charatan's best pipes dating, and opened his own small pipe workshop on 28 Duke Street. Mike, I own just the three pictured on this thread.


These tiny flaws were carved over with pretty designs to save the work invested. Register or log in lost password?

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There is also the pipedia aricle: I am out of my British collecting phase but I still enjoy smoking my Charatans. I will start looking for different grades now that I am more informed.

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I moved my office from Downtown Atlanta in early I have all manner of nomenclature, with pipes from the 50s to Dunhill's takeover. For an online copy, use the Internet Wayback Machine:.

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Perhaps someone like Hagley can consult his literature collection and give us some history, but I think the difference between and pricing for, say, a Charatan's Special would be illustrative. May 16, Messages: In closing I should note that I am not making the case the Charatan's Make Authentic pipes are high grade.

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Upper Saddle River, NJ. Somewhere near Philly, PA Registration date: The Charatan Logo CP on the pipe bit was changed over the years.

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As for smoking qualities in British pipes, my personal preference leans heavily with Ashtons and Charatan pipes. I imagine you are correct that this topic is too narrow to draw in the average pipe smoker.

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Do Charatans smoke as well if not better than Upshalls and Ashtons? I wouldn't be surprised if these estate Charatans smoke very well because of their age.

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Nice to see you back in the saddle. That's online still even if it's on the Internet archive at this point. Search Query Display pipes dating as: It smokes as good as the others, which is quite remarkable to me. Frank Blue-that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

At the risk of appearing presumptuous, I would argue that Ferrara's omission might mean relatively little. The red "CP" stem logo indicates a 9mm filter pipe.

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Charatan pipes are excellent.