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She posted herself crying on Snapchat, and this made her dating like she was the victim when in fact she got a taste of her own medicine.

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She tried to end his current relationship, but things went to shit, but now he may no longer have a fiancee anymore. Second of all, fame doesn't justify her action.

Several functions may not work. She broke up with him only because she liked him, but he didn't like her back. I can't wait to learn Korean and date a qt Korean boy.

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And then when shit hit the fan, she's bawling on Snapchat, victimizing herself, and finally mentions to people that he was engaged and what not to make him look like even more of a worse person.

She's trying to show off to everyone saying "hey, look at my new sexy speed dating suffolk. Oh, and best of all, she tried to maintain her "class" for the audience by gently asking them not to harass him, and "quietly" unfollow him on Instagram.

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They might've seen each other before during datings meetings, but she's the one who made the first move by following him on Instagram. Posted 03 July - See, this is what happens when you follow a random dude on Instagram and try to ruin a happy relationship. Several functions may not dating. Megan is a real sweetheart.

I used to enjoy watching her videos until I learned about what she did. And her overly emotional and unreasonable fans harassed him on his Instagram to the point where he had to make his account private. She doesn't come off to me as a boyfriend-stealing type but I don't know her personally, so I could be very wrong.

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She ruined a man's life for her own selfish pursuit. Pretty much every african american aside recent immigrants is mixed.

They start talking about it There is no excuse for what she did. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Sign In Create Account. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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So, does this Jun guy really have a fiancee'? And seriously, she broke up with the guy because "he used her?

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Her bf is ugly tho. Also this is the podcast that was talking about it. Her bf is ugly tho This is her 2nd bf right?

I love megan but he look like a jerk. Posted 27 June - Posted 24 June - Hopefully everything works out.

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She is sad that he didn't like her back. Posted 23 June - The thing is, she didn't care that he was already in a relationship.

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