Cod aw skill based matchmaking gone Cod aw skill based matchmaking gone

Cod aw skill based matchmaking gone

Then again, what the gentleman J4mes described may be true, that the bad words may come from people with the game not even at hand.

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Liked the option to try my skills against people at a higher level. Message 10 of If I do end up winning its very rare and I have to lose 10 cods aw skill based matchmaking gone before I can win and actually get good team mates.

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Are there some guns you would like to have in Infected? Message 5 of And I do know what lag is. No lag, no host migrations, no host errors, no long waits for games. Maybe you have ms internet so it doesnt lag for you? Goes home, Have food and shower then hops on AW for an hour or two, Just to have fun after a long hard day at work and to take their mind off the stress. I mean y did SHgames say a pack includes exo zombies but u have to buy a extra 35 dollar season pass.

Here is what SBMM is and why it is bad for all players in the long-run: How can they not afford dedicated servers? But more importantly, see the second part of my first post. Yes I do, thanks.

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Ghosts was for the casual gamers and it sucked so bad. Remember, this guy is the co-founder of SHG. Duty Interesting video discussing matchmaking.

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Play Combat Readiness and get good that way. Message 1 of Because of the sbmm.

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Please see our Cookie Policy to find out more here. Then explain the decline in sales since E-sports took over CoD?

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Connection was bad toniteā€¦. Can u link to dating in north america webpage that explains CW?

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I play on dial up internet and have been unable to play for weeks now. AW has had a load of lag since launch admittedly but since the very latest patch, lag has been very minimal and I have a terrible connection! This website uses "Cookies" to tailor content and marketing, and to improve and adjust user experiences.

The type of players you are forced to play are probably the kind of players you DON'T want to face because they do things that while legit, are just plain annoying in public matches.

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What exactly is measured in SBMM? Not because of bad lag, or P2P.

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Thats why there is more people playing black ops 2 than advanced warfare. I agree with everything you just said. Sure some were over powered but others were still usable.

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