Dating a man whose wife is terminally ill What do you think of woman dating a man whose spouse is dying of Alzheimers?

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For nine months I have been dating a wonderful man whose dating a man whose wife is terminally ill is in an advanced stage of early onset Alzheimers in her early 50s.

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I just happened to meet a woman I liked. Still, Batshaw recalls a client in his practice who cared for her ill husband for eight years. How I struggle with the thought about what I am doing and how I might end up hurting his relationship with his children.

I sincerely doubt the author is implying they are not human - simply that they are not the same one.

The 'well-spouse affair' is more prevalent — and often more complex — than you may imagine

I see go advice and i going on but it still gets to me when i go to sleep for some reason. I was upset because i help take of my mother while she was home and would leave work to get home to let nurse leave so my dad would not have to rush home he worked farther away than i did but i did have to return to work and some days my dad would not get home till late.

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I'm disappearing and he is still here and I want him to live his life to the fullest and I know he would make sure I was well taken care of, just as I will make sure he is always well taken care of. Social convention suggests that he is not the greatest person on the planet for "mourning" his wife longer.

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I don't know of any such book. CommentAuthor paulc CommentTime Jul 10th Things have developed quickly between us, and I'm just starting to question things like that. Sounds like you have a real keeper here, don't blow this by over analyzing it, finding what you are experiencing is what we are all looking for. I can't even begin to describe the way this man make me feel.

Carolyn - isn't it interesting that I think the opposite of you.

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It's also such a short time, it's no wonder you feel her presence in your life like a shade or ghost so to speak. I would guard my heart and proceed with caution. Don't be ashamed of talking to someone, it does not mean you're crazy or have issues.

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During our relationship, I never loved anyone but him and I don't love anyone but him right now. He's probably been ready to move on with his life for more than 2 weeks.

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