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Dating a muslim reddit

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He's extremely westernized and there is really no cultural gap between us. No I wouldn't date a religious person. No casual dating radiometric dating of ocean floor faiths need to line up.

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My advice to you: I would be skeptical to date heavily muslim raised mostly because from what I saw from my refugee friends they were quite happy to dating a muslim reddit Western girls but it was never long term, They inevitably ended up marrying muslim girls their parents picked out for them.

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I kind of ruined my life for a bit, but I'm really glad I did it. Thus I'm trying to make myself "decent". I won't date any middle-Eastern men ever again.

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At least not if they're practicing. The other stories are worse.

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I did not know it was this bad. The actual faith and belief will come gradually.

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She graduated from university and had less time for me and then she broke it off. However, I've got an interesting perspective on this: My family is Muslim, I come from a Muslim background.

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I told her up front about it, that my family would kill me if they knew about her and thus that meeting my family was out of the picture. If I wasn't christian, I could see myself adopting the Muslim faith - although I would be more modern and I don't agree with everything, it truly is a beautiful religion.

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Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. A lot of my Indian, Chinese, Korean, and some African friends were encouraged not to date or just straight up forbidden, same as my Arab and Paki friends as if that stopped them lol.

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Shit was that deep. I don't like to approach women outside in public, it's creepy as f.

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If you guys are friends like you said, there's nothing wrong with casually asking her what her beliefs are on dating, and going from there. Islam is even more complicated because in some regions not identifying as Islamic can be deleterious to your health.