Dating a retarded person 20 Best 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Episodes

Dating a retarded person

There are some nasty cases where people with learning disabilities have been exploited by partners without LD - milk them financially for everything they've got, then leave.

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And ultimately it will prevent you from being what your sister-in-law needs: You may even find a dating a retarded person to pose this question. Unless she wants my advice, I can't give it. Katerineg, I wasn't trying to equate them, just saying that "living in affair dating australia group home" wouldn't be an automatic disqualifier. It is usually someone's responsibility--much like a parent's responsibility--to make sure that mentally retarded adult stays safe and makes good decisions; it is not yours in speed dating in hoboken nj case.

She claims that her inability to tell if Kevin was retarded or not retarded was too much stress for her to handle. Because if he's happily calling her his girlfriend and introducing her to his friends he doesn't sound like he feels exploited. As far as her boyfriend goes, it doesn't sound like anything untoward is going on. Following the logic, if they all deface property the music will come to them.

She may still marry him.

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I feel for you. What if, what if, what if You never know how it might turn out.

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The original poster is asking whether he should be concerned that his "normal" sister-in-law is dating a man who may not be able to give informed consent to an adult relationship. He rode the short bus.

"Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person"

What if "Corky" becomes your brother-in-law? No one dating a retarded person here thinks that the mentally retarded should be locked in cages, or not allowed to date or to have fulfilling human relationships. What I might consider, taking shots in the dark, is that she simply may feel comfortable with this man: Not my cup of tea at all, but it's also not my life so my preferences in tea aren't even really relevant. Charlie admits its a skill he's had forever and he's always wanted to be onstage.

But stuff like that happens. However, you haven't given specific indications that your sister in law is interested in mental pursuits. But to date with marriage her single-minded goal a retarded man is in a totally different realm, for ethical and societal reasons that I can't quite put my finger on.

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On the other hand, you do have a cause for concern because if this relationship develops to the point where procreation becomes a possibility, then, depending on the health of your wife's parents, there is the remote likelihood that a child will exacerbate any possible mental health issues your sister-in-law has, and the state may find the father lacking in necessary parental skills.

Dennis protests and reminds all of them that there isn't a single person in the pub with any musical ability whatsoever. I think some of the answers you are getting are a bit daft given the 'immediately started referring to her as 'my girlfriend'' part crossed with 'ultimate goal of marriage'; this relationship does seem inappropriate at best. The main concern I would have in this situation is whether he's capable of informed consent.

Think of all the asshole chick punchers, mental and psychological abusers Try to keep an open mind and you might learn something here. Otherwise she likes caring for Alzheimer patients, going to church, and staying home with her parents.

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No closed doors, Don't touch anywhere a bathing suit would cover etc. Fundamentally, there's nothing wrong with her.

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It sounds like the guy your sister-in-law AKA Sweet Dee wants to date isn't even close to my uncle's level of mental handicap. And yet, I'm here to tell you that no matter what you do, it wont be the right thing.

Lil' Kevin then performs a free-style rap that he dedicates to Dee.

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He kicks Frank and Mac off-stage and is cheered by the bar crowd that recognizes and supports him. I don't know what the answer is here, but I understand why you are uneasy about the situation.

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