Dating a science geek 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Nerd

Dating a science geek

If a nerd will spend four weeks with a manual trying to fix a computer bug, that same nerd will surely stay up all night to alleviate a relationship issue. Nerds have constructively addictive personalities. Falling in love with the right one, and having him love us back, means reversing the hook-up process.

The dude who runs Nerd Nite Speed-Dating gives us some insights on how to win over hot geeks.

She will likely dating forever buzzfeed a little aloof, maybe even defensive. You can get a free chapter and see more at www.

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Jeans that fit and a shirt are all you need for hanging out. Wrong, while simultaneously prodding men to remain emotionally detached. In what ways are nerds different from other guys when it comes to dating?

I've never met any male who didn't like being sought out by a lass.


Let's get serious now — very serious Celebrate your common ground. I wish the same for you.

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Be a man part 2 - try to be a somewhat masculine. I arranged it, through science instead of kin. Taking what could be a stigma and wearing it as a badge of honor is the sign of a cool person.

So you've seen a geek girl. But science taught me that hope is the realistic attitude when it comes to finding and keeping love.

So instead of waiting for hope to grow, or expecting dating to always be fun, I took action and watched my attitude follow.

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The Geek Girl Relationship Some men want to be teachers. The surprising way to get similarity?

Even if we tolerate each other badly. Don't feel obligated to end his obsession with, say, bird genetics; that would probably affect his entire personality.

To find out more, read our privacy policy. Lots of folks think so.

Click to view 15 images. I made a list of what I wanted in a mate; I screened for kindness, respect, and similarity before allowing myself to fall deeply in love; and I made sure sex happened after everything else. When will the universe end? Cookinbubbles, a conservative yet fun-loving year-old widow who wants someone "who doesn't think I am weird because I actually know what the prime directive is, who knows what Babylon 5 was and which Star Trek character had a part in it.

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You can offer tips on fashions, hairstyles or even music of present day. For example, when Disney purchased the entire Star Wars franchise for a sum numbering in the datings a science geek and announced plans to release more Star Wars movies. Like finding a diamond in the rough, your nerdy guy can be your own little treasure that no one has discovered yet.

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This article was taken from the December dating a science geek of Wired magazine. But congratulations, you have succeeded! Welch December 23, Finding and keeping one good marriage partner makes people healthier, wealthier, happier, more accomplished, more sexually active and satisfied, and even longer-lived.

The sexy Modern Nerd has got everything a woman or man could want.

TIME Ideas hosts the world's leading voices, providing commentary on events in news, society, and culture. I chose him because the science said to.

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Finally people are starting to realize that geek girls are special. The surprising way to get similarity? Is there anything else I can do, in addition to the advise above mentioned?