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This bears a strange resemblance to Date A Live, in which the protagonist has a strange kissing power and must withstand the hormonal discharges of a whole harem of women that can cause nation wide disasters from a dating anime series. This begins the life of Ichika, being the only male in a school full of girls! Like Shidou, he has to juggle half a dozen girls who have fallen in love with him due to his efforts to gain their love and loyalty. Episodes are a flashback for red headed Nana.

Challenges arise as he needs to capture the six goddesses known as the Jupiter Sisters, from women he has already came in contact with. Skip to content This is a list of the best dating sim games of all time for any console or system, including cover art pictures when available.

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See here for clarification. It's kinda a gradual progression throughout the show as they form a relationship with each other. Sure there are animes that have datings anime series of superpowered women, but more often than not they are only there for comedic value rather than any actual conflict or combat. Animesuggest submitted 3 years ago by ScorpionMK It's just two people who like each other but life gets in the way. She wants to find a guy to have her first time with so she is not inexperienced when it comes to sex with popular guys, and then meets Takashi.

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While there is some general humor and even imouto style humor, much of the humor centers on the masochism of the main character. If revealing spoilers is crucial to your post, do so in the body.

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There is some tongue in cheek humor involving the task force treating the whole situation as a dating simulator with Shidou as the protagonist, and there are some serious moments as well involving the girls. It is what it is and it is not sorry about it.

Meet Voltage, the Japanese dating sim company your girlfriends been cheating on you with. If you don't mind your romances a little on the weird side: Katanagatari has a sort of weird romance right off the bat, very traditional adventist dating online style of "I just met you, and it would be very beneficial for our quest if we're in love with each other.

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This competition is founded by a mysterious and powerful organization called the MBI Corporation, and has Minato in a situation where other Sekirei's choose him to be their Ashikabi, also under contract, which leave him trying to survive the threatening battles and his partners'.

I'm definitely gonna check them all.

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Posts about why someone's suggestion might not fit a request are okay, however, and are preferable to downvoting. As they learn to control the powers and find new meaning in life, their regular everyday lives carry on as high school students. This is an archived post.