Dating antique rugs Judging Quality in Oriental Rugs

Dating antique rugs

This means that when you look at the underside of the rug, you may be able to see the fiber pieces. Oriental Rug Appraisal Co. The dating antique rugs keeper said the same purchase at a store in the states would be at least double the price.

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You'll notice some classic features in this type of rug:. My Cat is really attracted to it, which makes me wonder if it has Kemp in it. Tip Your dating antique rugs may have a date woven into the fringe.

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Anonymous March 9, Alternatively, the back may be covered with fabric. Now, though, a renaissance has taken place in rug weaving, and natural dyes and hand spun wool are back in use in some rugs, and old designs have been restored to the repertoire of modern weavers.

Determine the Type of Rug

Abrash does not have to be present in naturally dyed wool. The widespread practice is somewhat analogous to pouring cheap Scotch into a good bottle. Natural dyes definitely add to the cost of a rug, but they also add to its value. Perhaps there is none.

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You can not judge whether a carpet is a good one or not by its age. Do you know if this typical for this type of rug and what we can do to repair it?

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Celebrating 39 years of excellence navajorugvalue. If the carpet is old and the color has worn naturally, you will note a gradual color variation from the base to the top.

Examine the Weaving Style

You'll see a number of different styles and construction methods in American rugs from past eras. All else being equal, a reasonably regular, geometrically correct shape is preferable to a visibly distorted one. When spun by hand, yarn absorbs more dye where it is loosely spun and less dye where it is spun tightly, thus producing pleasant variegation in the colors of a rug. References 2 Through the Collector's Eye: Arabic numerals used in the dates in Oriental rugs: I appreciate the information and will take it back to the store when I go shopping.

Much more commonly dates are altered by Oriental rug dealers in order to add age and perceived value.