Dating chanel bottles Dating Chanel Perfume

Dating chanel bottles, some tips on dating vintage commercial perfume bottles:

These perfumes without the barcode dated back beforei.

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Jan 9, 2, Posts. Then I posted on a perfume forum that had a huge dating chanel bottles for vintage - it's been 5 days and no one has responded. Thank you for your precise and detailed post!

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I have an unopened bottle of no. This was confirmed when someone posted two Chanel batch codes and said that the Chanel customer service told him the date of those batch codes, which fits in with the code starting at 01xx in January I so love this page - thank you, it is so helpful!

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Here is the quote from the poster in the Basenotes thread: Hi Danielle, thank you for visiting and your kind words: Your bottle sounds to be authentic as it is molded with the Chanel name on the base. Feel free to email me for details or any questions.

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Can you help me with what year this is? To answer your question, if you intend to sell the bottle, I strongly suggest that you take an X-acto knife and carefully slice the seal through the center just enough to open the box to remove the bottle.

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It's more valuable that way. It has raised Chanel and France on the bottom glass but also the number 23 I think also raised along the short side of the bottom. Cipimari 15 gennaio Also, English Registry Design numbers can also be found on perfume bottles from the United Kingdom, you can search the datings chanel bottles online also.

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The words "New York Distributor" was used from the late s and into the s. She used to buy designer clothes but never expensive perfume or bags sigh.

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I am trying to date this bottle of Chanel No. Factice, or display bottles, were not meant for resale, and will have labels such as: May 10, 37, Posts.

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