Dating former drug dealer Dating ex addict/convict.

Dating former drug dealer, when your boyfriend starts asking his customers to call him hitman, gtfo.

One rooftop party here, a week of CMJ there, a few block parties.

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Time together was spent arguing about other women and him not spending enough time with me. Thanks for putting our hopes up! There was probably something like this going on in my head when my boyfriend and I made our disastrous first foray into the British drugs trade. You take a lot of chances dating a hustler. Depends on if he has any former drug dealer money Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. He has a dating former drug dealer grand theft auto.

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I just feel like I need time for me. Is it normal for a boyfriend to act like this while we dating former drug dealer love? We all flip kilos for a living in our hispanic culture. When I dated my man I was well taken care of whatever I wanted I got but those were all material things that were bought.


He treats me with much respect and always puts me first. I grew up in the 60s LOL I know many men who use to be drug dealers and are now repected men in society.

IT is the only reason I pushed him away, sigh. Ugh just reading all these comments make me feel so happy im not the only girlfriend of a DD that feels like this! When I sat back down I realized how desensitized I had gotten to all this craziness.

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Yes, excitement never ends, but you have to be prepared for anything that comes up whatever it may be. Your email address will not be published. Is it worth my time to have fun with him for now and just go my separate way in a few months or a year or should I just cut my losses now? I hate boredom and being the girlfriend and ex dealer of a drug dealer is constantly entertaining. I saw him maybe once every week or two, but we actually found ourselves reverting back to our passive aggressive actions to express our frustration with the state of our relationship.

My father sold drugs on and off my entire childhood unless he was incarcerated up until I was years old.

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I don't judge by what a person did in the past, but how they live their lives in the present. Many have seen their loved ones promise to get or stay clean and sober only to watch them fall victim to their addiction again. Whatever you choose for your future, we're walking with you. I could get pass that. If he changes and she has to get out of the relationship, she can without legal entanglements.

I have learned a lot though and one of the things is that you are only as sick as your secrets It depends how far removed he was from that lifestyle.

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Not every drug dealer is a piece of shit. Trust me, it helps no one. Well, easy until you have extended amounts of time off work: The people I care about and are close to me can say that I am a damn good guy. He will be released next month.

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Most points you are spot on. I am sorry, but I wouldn't. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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Do you people not plan ahead or realize he is a person to?