Dating furniture by hinges Authenticating, Fakes and Frauds of Period Furniture

Dating furniture by hinges

Always check on the inside of cases for wear.

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Once you become skeptical, discovering the true nature of a high-chest top in disguise can be amazingly easily. Some people think it is easier to mount a dating furniture by hinges if the mortise is cut through the full thickness of the wood. The clock we just mentioned, if we unknowingly find it with 4 new feet and of a different style then of the original, this is a remade object. To compensate for the brittleness of this material the hinges were made as thick as possible within the limits of any particular hinge size.

Recognizing Age and Construction in Antique Furniture

So strong is the penchant for affixing a name that it is barely stayed by the presentation of contrary facts, such that a name is not that of a craftsman or even not a name at all? These combinations of layers are known as the annual rings, they can be seen in cross-section to determine a trees age or in an angled cut as datings furniture by hinges, and longitudinal sections of strait wood of different bands of color and density.

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Many of these sets were enlarged long ago. Take hold of the handle. Special hinges with one wide and one narrow leaf were available see photothese hinges allowed the door to project forward of the casework enough to accommodate the rabbet on the three other edges.

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Wood is one clue to origin; style is another; construction also helps. The finish on a piece made before is usually shellac; if the piece is very old, it may be oil, wax, or milk paint.

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Look carefully at the bottom, sides, and back of the drawer; if the wood shows nicks or cuts, it was probably cut with one of the variety of saws used before the introduction of the circular saw around Does it have the characteristics of a particular maker or designer? Tops get the wear and the workout.

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These days, perhaps because we are starved of contact with quality materials and objects we tend to fetishize those that we do come upon and polish up and display them inappropriately. Flat or countersunk timber would always have been added at a later date.

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Many old pieces of period furniture are taken apart and reconstituted into an other object, such as the turnings from an old spinning wheel can form a tripod candle stand base. The shank of a handmade screw does not taper.

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Due to the shortness of these screws, they usually only appear as hinge screws on drop leaf tables. Hinges were almost always mortised into the edge of the door and inside edge of the casework leaving only the front half of the barrel exposed to view.

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If a joint was dovetailed by machine it will be uniform and precisely cut indicating it was manufactured post putting it in the Victorian era.