Dating griswold cast iron pans Griswold Cast Iron

Dating griswold cast iron pans

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If you are interested in learning more I highly recommend you visit http: Historians and collectors note these modifications and use them to "date" these pieces, to gives more accurate estimates of their age and approximate date of manufacture. David also sells fine old cast iron at very reasonable prices from this site.

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Textron sold them to the General Housewares corporation in A thin walled skillet with no chips, cracks, or rust and sits. Except for the K on yours, do you know what that means? Only on a few pieces, typically cast aluminum, does the logo have the additional line segments seen on the printed logo.

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Now, those pans are banished to the basement, and I've been haunting junk stores and Ebay for a month. This is still with the box, box is very readable.

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Although normally incised, the trademark was in some instances seen as raised, these being confined mainly to the tops of some lids, implements like food choppers, and, as was normal for all but the earliest Griswold designs, their waffle irons. After dating griswold cast iron pans your comments about Griswold in general, I was wondering if you can give me an idea as to what I have. It has a "block" logo with the only other marking as the number "57". Luckily, even very old Thanks to you, I never can return to the heavy, cheap "modern" well I know it sounds ridiculous, but I found it in a box and asked what they wanted for the piece of Cast Iron.

As such, it would appear the markings were made plain enough to simply be stamped into blank working patterns.

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So take a look at the photos. Having worked in a foundry and machine shop in my younger years, I know that metal products are almost always coated before shipping to prevent rust. This assumption is borne out by the lack of "ghost" markings being seen on most of these later pieces.

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Miss Etta Moses worked for Griswold for over 50 years. Antique Erie cast iron skillet with the nickel plate finish. On occasion, a Letter or small number might accompany the size or PN.

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Know anything about such items? In the Griswold Mfg.

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Aboutthe logo was reduced in size, likely the result of all but the largest skillet patterns being replaced outright, rather than just being modified, as was previously seen. Cast Iron Cooking For Dummies.

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With proper care, they cook almost any food and often last for decades.