Dating left handed guy 7 Reasons Left-Handed People Are The Best People To Love

Dating left handed guy

1. They Are Leaders

May 14, at 3: Is this how we do it, or am I a right hander kisser?? Other lefty geniuses include Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. I also have this problem.

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It is because they are dating left handed guy handed and wrong for me! This skill translates well in a relationship, where compromise is fundamental to longevity.

I have had this problem going in for a hug as well, I clash heads with the other person, who is trying to go the same way as me… Again, I thought it was just me being strange and didn't link it to handedness! I am too young to be kissing but I do have lots of trouble with locks and keys and it is good to know that I am not the only one. I have some left-handed habits and really struggled to learn my right hand from my left!

As a leftie, I put my right hand around his neck, left hand over his shoulder, so my head is leaning to the left and kiss him that way. A tilt to the left just fits better. In fact, University of Montpellier researcher Charlotte Faurie explains that lefties are champs when it comes to survival of the fittest.

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So is Paul McCartney. They told us that the kissing would often lead to confusion and sometimes very awkward moments! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. So we asked you…. But now I'm thinking it was just me all along! The whole thing is a lot worse when you are both wearing glasses!

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Lawrence University, it was reported that more lefties had IQs over when compared with their right-handed counterparts. Lefties are better off in the bedroom.

In a right-handed world, lefties have learned to adapt.