Dating lunar craters How old is our Moon? Hundreds of previously unseen craters could finally unlock its true age

Dating lunar craters

By Matthew Reynolds 3 hours ago. This basin appears from crater counting to be very similar in age to Nectaris but is located almost exactly opposite the planet to it and Imbrium. Inside Silicon Valley's new non-religion: When did all of this stuff happen? But by looking at crater statistics of groups of similar-age basins, Fassett et al.

So I am hereby making one, based on a new paper that's in press in the Journal of Geophysical Research by Caleb Fassett, Jim Head, and another five coauthors: Basins have thin dating lunar craters blue and greenand are often rimmed by thick crust red and orange. These include Crisium on the nearside the rightmost of the three northern round basins and Moscoviense on the farside just northwest of the center of the globeas well as a couple of small craters within the south pole-Aitken basin on the farside. By Rowland Manthorpe 1 day ago.

Some of those drops must be incredible in that area.

That suggests that the shift to Population 2 came some time after Nectaris but definitely before Imbrium and likely before the mid-Nectarian. Support enables our dedicated journalists to research deeply and bring you original space exploration articles. By Abigail Beall 4 days ago.

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In the crustal thickness data Freundlich-Sharonov shows up as a beautiful deep hole nearly centered on the lunar farside, east and a bit south of Moscoviense. A big reservoir of water might be lurking under the Moon's surface. The listed basin order is based on crater retention ages, and there are uncertainties, of course, with a fair amount of overlap, which means that the order of some craters is ambiguous.

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By James Temperton 2 days ago. That's how old geology on the Moon is -- it's almost inverted from Earth, where most of the geology that we can see in rocks around us happened in the last few hundred million years.

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By John Robertson 5 days ago. By Abigail Beall Space 08 Sep It lists the basins from oldest to youngest, based on crater counting -- basins with more, bigger craters on top of them are older. Previous work has suggested that there are two different populations of impactors that produced the lunar cratering record, a "Population 1" and "Population 2", dating lunar craters the earlier, "Population 1" having more large craters compared to the later "Population 2.

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Other names are unfamiliar; these are the basins that were not obvious until we got topography and gravity data. We think it all happened pretty early in the history of the solar dating lunar craters one of the last impact basins, Imbrium, is pretty reliably dated thanks to the Apollo missions at about 3.

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So far, this is all stamp collecting. But what if the age for Nectaris is wrong? Now Emerson Speyerer, senior research engineer for the LRO, and colleagues have used that vast collection of data to see whether the current accepted rate of lunar impacts is accurate. The LRO has caught on camera incidents such as a March collision, when a small boulder hit the Moon at such force it emitted a flash of light ten times brighter than anything ever recorded.

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Over the last couple of days I have fallen down a research rabbit hole -- I began with a question about clay minerals on Mars and find myself, today, writing about the history of major impact basins on the Moon.