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Dating mitsuru persona 3 portable

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She initially intends on marrying him anyway for the good of the Kirijo Group; however, establishing a relationship with the protagonist caused her to realize that it would not be the best thing for her or for the Kirijo Group, and in turn, ends up falling in love with the protagonist. Her name literally means "beautiful woman.

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A younger Mitsuru, seen briefly in The Answerhad curly pigtails. In uk indian dating websites middle school years, she is seen wearing the standard summer school uniform and a black sweater vest.

Enraged by Aigis' indecisiveness about whether to return to the past, Yukari lashes out, revealing that she's jealous of Aigis for being together with the protagonist and hearing his last words during his final moments.

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Yukari expands about the topic in her inner monologue saying that protagonists of hero shows don't just punish evil; they protect those who are precious to them and give everyone the hope to live, she believes that these shows teach a lot of important lessons to children.

The responsibility falls to those who have the gift.

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As Labrys and her shadow run off, Rise reminds Mitsuru to trust in Labrys as Mitsuru's cold and direct personality pushed Labrys to a corner. When Yukari then asks why she watches the show, a confused Mitsuru responds by saying why wouldn't she when her best friend is one of the stars. They run out of the auditorium and to the roof to reunite with him.

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Pro Evolution Soccer The Order: She proclaims that she wants to go back and stop the protagonist, which is opposed by Akihiko and Ken since it dating mitsuru persona 3 portable be disrespecting his will, with Junpei adding that by stopping the protagonist's actions, SEES would essentially undo their efforts of stopping the Fall. I know it sounds bad but nothing about our situation was bad and 4 years and 2 more kids later we are still together.

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She still fights with a rapier and carries an Evoker in a holster on her thigh. Concept artwork of Mitsuru. The protagonist and Mitsuru have a good relationship from the start of the game.

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Mitsuru is also outspoken and has zero tolerance. Lowers odds of sustaining critical damage. How do I get the items that some Personas carry with them? Eventually, she becomes more familiar with the other SEES members and refers to Yukari on a first-name basis and the others' on occasion.