Dating not marriage ep 5 recap Marriage Not Dating

Dating not marriage ep 5 recap

They are rocking it. Ki-tae tries to stand but topples over and Jang-mi steadies him, bringing their faces close.

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I agree that she needs someone unconditionally on her side without ulterior motives. Your time won't be wasted.

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I looked at the cooking thing as him being like Lee Seung-gi whenever he had to cook in 1N2D. What we're watching by DB Staff.

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I feel like if the role had been given to an actor who could give Yeo Reum more depth we may not dislike his scenes with Jang Mi as much. There's nothing I love more than a smitten male lead who is proactive about his feelings!

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Mei Aug 22 7: Yeah, I dont know why but that last clip of her at the end of the preview hints that smth is gonna go down with Se Ah. I'm loving this drama so much and enjoy how it's being developed.

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I'm thinking that KT actually has a lot to work thru and to learn when it comes to love, coming fr that family he has. Though she happens to be wearing the same top.

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Thank you for this drama. Everything make me laughing louder and louder!!!!!! I love GiTae but damn he really needs to learn some people skills.

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There is no nuance to his performance, which to me, is something that it really calls for. Given how her husband has been treating her, why the hell would she even lift a finger to help him advance his career?

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That's just bad manners. Nah, it wasn't the same room.

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