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Dating os maps, how can i view the records covered in this guide?

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There is no comprehensive index of Ordnance Survey maps among our records but you can browse our catalogue for published Ordnance Survey maps in:. Some codes have an additional slash - e.

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Further reading For general information, browse: Sep 28, Swedish maps older than have been digitized by the Stockholm University library, http: See their wikipedia article for details on the encoding scheme and key company dates.

Six Inches to 1 Mile. Preview Services based near Heathrow, UK are very reasonable for large quantities of scanning.

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All dating os maps gradually come out-of-copyright in next couple of years. Flat paper maps are better still. But the geographical information factsdo not fall under copyright protection, the geographical information in a map is covered by our implementation of EU database protection katalogskyddetthat protects the collection of facts for 15 years after its first publication.

Essential information Check libraries and other archives or useful online sources first if you are looking for an Ordnance Survey dating os maps.

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IndexAlternativeTorrent. In practice, the names directly depended both upon the 'best authorities' within reach of the mapping party and, in turn, upon the confirmation of these authorities' views in written form in the Survey's name books.

Link to OSi co-ordinate converter: Search this Guide Search.

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Bottom-right corner of 1: You can also use the following websites to help you identify sheet numbers or National Grid references: Contact us for advice. Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile or 1: Ordnance Survey How can I view the records covered in this guide? The Wikipedia Foundation has a project called Wikimaps.

1. Why use this guide?

Otherwise, you're on your own! Other records before are in: The OSI website also provides a free downloadable co-ordinate converter at: Operators of these sites often claim a new copyright for their scans.

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Read our guide on Public rights of way for information on records of public rights of way maintained by Ordnance Survey. Revisions are now running at about every years. This indicates how many copies in the print run, month and year of printing, and print run number; in this case: There are many books and articles about Ordnance Survey maps and the history of Ordnance Survey.

List of Map Scales

Chris Higley, Old Series to Explorer: Check libraries and other archives or useful online sources first if you are looking for an Ordnance Survey map. Spot heights in feet above mean sea level at Liverpool and then Newlyn from are shown along roads, railways, etc.

How to look for records of This indicated the number of copies nominally in the print run, and the year of printing - in this case, copies printed in Look for changing road numbers, too.

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Geographers Map Company maps have a three or four letter code in one corner, that can be turned into the cartographic date. There are also clues from the company name and address. In contrast, urban districts and those areas undergoing considerable change were revised more regularly, especially from the s.

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This guide details the meanings of print codes and edition markings on Ordnance Survey map sheets, from to the present day.