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Thank you Anastasia to give us all this new mission steps, it's cool for our group members, love.

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If you already have the Venus Park, you'll get the 'Sweetheart House' quest first, then 'Day of love' quest. If a dating park supercity does not do the venus park quest will they be able to do the sweetheart house quest? Btw, you have an opportunity to win a romantic decoration set plus the latest business buildings: Results 1 to 7 of 7. If you already have either Venus Park or Sweetheart House and you're at level 40 or higher, you'll get 'Day of love' quest.

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I have finished all the quest in time a few days ago 4 days before and planning receive the sweetheart house soon. Last edited by Kat Raffaele; at I have a quick question.

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If you have neither Venus Park nor Sweetheart House, you'll akademikere dating all the 3 quests. New quests for well-loved Venus Park and Sweetheart House are already in the game! Or do they lose out?

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Some my friend also same as me. We have already finished!!!!

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The time now is You have 22 days in total to do all the quests red timed. Why now need me to use 55 superbucks to finish it?

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