Dating postcard backs Real Photo Postcard Identification & Dating

Dating postcard backs

EKC - sometimes tinted warm.

Real Photo

They still maintain a continuous tone and their colors may provide some clarification. The brand names of these papers allow us to date many photographs today. At least different real photo postcard backs can be dating postcard backs but as of this time there is a lack of accurate dating postcard backs regarding all their dates of use, or they were used in very limited quantities.

The back of the postcard was for the address ONLY.

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The other side could be a complete picture or photograph. The first commercial postcards produced in this country were sold at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago Illinois in When exposed to long wave black light these new papers will glow a bright white.

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The words Bromide Print often appear on these cards rather than a brand name, or they go unlabled. They have a warm to blue-black color and are highly subject to tarnishing. No commercial paper was needed, though eventually manufactured, as card stock could be photosensitized at home and printed out.

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A warm brown chlorobromide paper with improved tonal range started being used in Europe in ARGO - The first unassisted coast-to-coast direct dialing with a three-digit area code began on November 10, Many of the real photo post cards being done at the current time are reproductions of earlier historic photos.

The emultion on these papers were generally applied to paper with Baryta sizing, which was only available from Germany until Kodak began to manufacture it in Other datings postcard backs that have an irregular or crooked line between the image and the border are more likely the sign of poor craftsmanship.

The rare photo card that may have been printed on albumen paper comes from a period where these cards would be considered novelties. These cheap cards allowed the use of gaudy dyes for coloring. Edmond Becquerel made the first color print in but there was no way to fix the image onto paper at that time.

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