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And take no responsibility for it. Actually funny little quips are nice, but I prefer something that's lighthearted and funny but also informative, not just your height, what city you're from and where you work. It's an ego thing; who wants to admit that they deserve less than what they deem to be the 'best'? But you sound decisive and passionate when you pick the one you like best and state that one. It just plays up the whole "bad boy" image!

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I bet most people looking at this thread are single men taking advantage of a whole list of things NOT to do. After a couple of dates, I'd ask them if they wanted to go on a hike, about 20 minutes in they were done.

Themselves holding an adorable animal. So if you're an indoors person write all of the above, then put "If you got tired reading that list, come stay inside with me, I always have money to order food.

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Guys need to leave hooks so that I actually have something to message him about. They write me back if they're honestly attracted to me.

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It would take some dating profile advice reddit off me and provide me with additional selection data. Who cares if he's batting for the other side? Already have an account?

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I found out I'm doing a pretty good job with my dating profile and I do the conversation thing pretty well too. A lot of the time those are literally the only words in their bio. Already have an account? In the same sense one can post a picture of their body and qualify who is easy and sexual. My k isn't any of your business.

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This is far more common than you would think and even if I don't relate, it feels like I'm being judged and insulted by a complete stranger. Bonjourno ; Can't go wrong with Italian! So when I ask them they almost always say at some park here in the city along the river with paved car wide paths along it.

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Use the search tool and FAQ before you post. So it's a crapshoot, but I'd go with listing some of your hobbies. I can honestly say that I've never seen what you're describing at the gym.

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I met my bf on Tinder and I never swiped right if there was no bio at all, need more info than a few pictures though if chosen well, pics can say a lot about you. Want to add to the discussion? It's actually how you message that, I think, makes a difference. It feels sex-negative, even if it's not. In a thread of thousands, this is unique. They're just trying to be considerate. Anything along the lines of "just tired of games" or "looking for someone who is real" You sound like a whiney person who has some serious baggage.

I have tickled wild ones though She's recently turned her obsession into a successful business, but I've seen how much coin my dad has had to drop on that obsession over the past 30 years. Message the mods if you want to discuss further.

I received about messages in the first hours. Online women have way, way too many options to be intrigued by any sort of pickup line or conversation starter.

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Like so many of these red flags, it's not the thing itself, it's the fact that you chose to mention it. They never ask questions, even when they were the ones who initiated, and they give one-sentence answers.