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Dating profile tips pua, hey! chase amante here.

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If your current strategy for online dating works and you are happy with the results you get just keep doing it and enjoy life!

My health comes first.

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Work on you self image. The thing about girls and online profiles is that they are scanning through, looking for their ideal man, not someone like their asshole ex-boyfriend who treated them like dirt.

If you don't have a friend with art skills, just get a sketch of yourself done by a street sketch artist or at a comic convention or something.

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Try a question along these lines in your profile: I know I said "most importantly" a few times now, but this next one is really probably the most important It surprises her when you're with someone, and also socially proofs you. You almost feel like you could kiss her, but don't.

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Just a theory of what happened - they could turn out to all be subs. I also have my top tens for you; here they are:. Rarely will she be neutral about it. I have just started to dip my feet into the Venusian arts.

Show me that you dating profile tips pua it!

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There's certainly plenty of overlap. The first line of my profile is: I can now, four out of five times, email a girl and take it all the way to the! Besides, most beautiful women are absolutely inundated with emails upon signing up for a dating site. No surprises here; the juges based their scores on something that is usually of minimal signifiance at best.

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You will tell a little bit, but not too much about yourself. You had one good idea and that is the age of female judges.

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I'm not trying to be over-critical. It's hard to put into words guys who are obviously trying too hard; it's one of those things you can only call out when you see it.