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Dating romanian guys

For those who are truly in dating romanian guys and happy together….


He is a good lover, but I have also had good American lovers. Be very careful ladies, think twice before you get into a relationship. I realize that one very essential thing to understand Romania and Romanian culture is the language. Frankly the prejudice and shallowness of such datings romanian guys is nauseating. Comment by pappy — February 21, She was supposedly divorced for 2 years.

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Thought time did not allow for any personal relationship to evaul, It was Still a place I will look forward to spending more time. I first replied to this post back in September. And can a Roumanian girl swear on very important things, like parents, for a lie? I stick to my fellow latinas and it works for me they always know how to satisfy a man.

November 21, 2006

Im just intrigued by the different points of view. I was pretty annoyed by the fact that you had taken such a negative opinion about Romanian men. Not an excuse…just reality.

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A sense of humor adds playfulness to the relationship and always keeps them coming back for more! I like this blog! The fights between Trajan and Decebalus were fratricidal wars, and the Thracians were Dacians.

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I know this now because I visited Romania and the sad truth is most of what you said is true with small exceptions. I also could tell that he is on this website like 8 hours a day! More power to you Romanians. Men are also the same.

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People are friendly and talkative everywhere and they will not be friendly only to get something out of you…of course that depends in which clubs you may choose to go…see a local guide or just make your own mind better…if you miss something then is nobody to blame for …or if you meet some great people and cool places, you will be happy. Make sure you visit the Black Sea please go in the summer ,Mamaia is beautiful ,Costinesti also to see young people or go to the Carphatian Mountains visit Sinaia Brasov go to Sibiu and Sighisoara.

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Drinking cheating and this sort behavior is mostly among poorest people who have very hard life and do such things to cover the pain they feel from their life. Comment by Jessica — April 22, Comment by rich girl online dating — February 13, 8: