Dating scale 1 10 How to Rate Girls Out of Ten: The Scale Defined

Dating scale 1 10

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My question is, can I improve to the extent that I can compete with a girl with bigger boobs? We girls judge you guys based on your dicks ability to please us or your money or status! A Turns heads of men 20 years older, turns heads of men 10 years older, turns heads of men in own age group, turns heads of men younger.

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Despite all the feminist crap we want a guy who makes us feel like a girl without being too much of anything. Amara on October 2, at 7: People have a dating scale 1 10 to overinflate the rankings.

Not every distribution is normal, and follows a bell curve.

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Ok, so is it possible "most beautiful girl I've seen" is a statement I shouldn't get hung up on? The lower end of the scale is a 1, and represents the ugliest girl a man has ever seen. Lawyers dating site uk you label a girl as a 10, and then find a sexier girl who clearly trumps her, she will take the top slot, bumping everyone else down to their appropriate categories. Sorry to be realistic. Kelly on April 4, at 1: Be healthy, love yourself and your family, educate yourself, give back to people around you - and fuck everyone -- because it doesn't matter what they think.

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Sean Lind on January 30, at 3: Also as he says, if she is a 7 at her best then being a 6 day to day is achievable. Anonymous January 7, at This makes entirely too much sense.

The Law of Averages

Any real guy knows there is only three types of women — 1 plain 2 cute 3 smoking hot, all have to have perfect bodies and any woman fat or less than plain is not to be considered Reply. Try hiring a personal stylist to help you optimize your look choose one that has the same complexion as you. Models are definitely not automatic 10s.