Dating someone my dads age Daddy Issues: My Dad Is Dating Someone My Age

Dating someone my dads age

In my opinion, no. Their interest in younger partners can make you wonder if you ever knew your parent at all. While an older mate may be extremely attractive to you, do you have a lot in common?

Naturally, a few issues came up. Meanwhile, my own marriage had ended dramatically and very abruptly—and I wasn't exactly in the state of mind to be swept up in his romantic fantasy.

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As in much younger women—none more than a few years older than Mallory, and some even younger. If you are wondering if you can go out to dinner with someone this age, why not? I was 21; he was 47, and unlike most men who'd be flattered by a younger woman showing interest in them, he thought going on a date with a woman young enough to be his daughter would be ridiculous. I admired his independence.

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She made him laugh, she was smart, she challenged him. Our own datings someone my dads age have spent hours begging us to choose between each other and them. While you might be attracted to that older guy because he is more serious and stable then the goofballs your own age, you still need to ask yourself if he has the same goals in mind that you do.

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The other thing to seriously consider is the future. He was no longer interested in long-term commitment. We struggle with the idea of having children.

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And everyone acts a little differently on a date, especially with a new guy. Chelsea felt it was ruining their relationship.

What Happens When You're Older Than Your Parents' Dates?

Love for life, other people, and himself. Initially, I worried about him. And I am happy to report that being with an older man has made me feel like I hit the intimacy jackpot. I still have no idea whether it will last, but I'm letting him live his life, as a parent might allow their teenager to make the same mistakes they did.

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