Dating someone who smokes weed everyday 8 Brutal Truths About Living With (And Loving) A Pothead

Dating someone who smokes weed everyday, question of the day

Maybe ask her why she's been smoking more.

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X Your are following this author! People who say potheads are in denial, only because it helps them cope with being a too lazy to take care of there own problems. In my experience, little as may be since I'm only 21, dating someone who does drugs while you yourself do not rarely ever works out.

On the one hand, it sounds like he's saying that he's smoking daily because he enjoys it recreationally ; at the same time, it seems like he needs it to function medicinally.

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A medical professional has not prescribed the marijuana for self-treatment. In the end, getting high was more important than our relationship and my feelings.

The girl can't even stay awake long enough to have an interesting conversation, it sounds like a homicidal outburst is She isn't' very affectionate at all she is very attentive and affectionate when she isnt highbut wants to "hang out", which involves her talking about the most random things not even amusing stuffsurfing facebook, and eventually falling asleep. Not confrontational, just honest.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like she is being one. Unless you live somewhere where weed has been legalized, keep in mind that he could get into legal trouble if caught with it. Generally, when people use drugs excessively, it's to self medicate for something. Well I would say four out of five times you hook up with a stoner, you will be as content as wannabe-hippies on April If you're asking questions about your relationship with this guy about getting out then it's obvious what you should do.

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There's just one last step. This will be a historic moment in your life. Self April 20, I am a free spirit located in a small college town. Pnoy dating bb pilipinas you've already heard that story, ask him whether he's ever gotten close to being busted yeswhether he's ever sneaked someone a pot brownie yesor how she met her dealer.

So let her know that you're concerned, and that you're there for her.

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He is dating someone who smokes weed everyday a nice guy, cooks for me and takes care. I've maybe smoked pot a handful of times, it just isn't my thing. Culture 7 Feb, It's an instant ban.

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What can I do? NEVER invest your heart fully into someone who cannot give you the same returns. I know what you're talking about, that was in another thread No gift or activity questions.

Also, he smokes, drinks quite a lot of alcohol and strong coffee like 5 times a day. This sounds great, but make sure it is not the main even of every date. The often dreaded pillow talk can actually be enjoyable if you and Cheech indulge in a wake and bake session.