Dating someone with epilepsy 13 Things You Should Know If You're Dating Someone Who Has Epilepsy

Dating someone with epilepsy, why register?

The crowd was no longer propping me up.

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It's been a rocky sort of year for us both. Engraved on the top, in beautiful, thin, cursive was one word: Then in I was refilling my meds at the Hosp, and a datings someone with epilepsy was being released from the Mental Health ward. You can find alot of help on here about things. Maria had a seizure during sex before she was diagnosed.

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I'd only been with him a month when I was diagnosed and I thought oh no, he's gonna run away, I've got this thing, and he totally understood about it. We all have our crosses to bear Good on you for being so understanding, honest and cool about your boyfriend's epilepsy!

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Surgery doesn't work for everyone. One you cannot seem to break through,one not set by you.

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I wait for seizures. Thank goodness he knew there was another me inside the mess I had become and he just waited for that person to return.

Do you travel there? Needless to say, that was my last date with Ricky.

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Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — August 12, 7: Comment by Phylis Feiner Johnson — May 22, 7: I was and still am scared of a breakthrough but you learn to live around that if you want to live a good life. Do the chances get shorter the older he gets? Because obviously when you have a seizure, all your muscles tense and at the time with the girl, it got to the point where I went into the seizure and she couldn't get up 'cos I was on top.

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Is this part of all of this or is this some other issue? Quite a few people said that, since their diagnosis, they had become more cautious or careful about who they ask out or develop a relationship with.

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