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Dating trouble goodreads

I have always really liked Susan. And is she ever going to grow up?

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Oct 01, Crissy rated it it was amazing. Overall, the dating trouble goodreads was enjoyable but let down by a weak middle and end. I would just want to keep reading, and when I do I think I just keep smiling all the time.

I love Chris though.

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Young love earns a soft spot in me for the reason I have no idea. The perfect companion to Dating Trouble! She was also smart and I loved the fact that she figures out most of the plot twists quickly because I find it annoying when books have characters that remain oblivious until the end to something the reader figures out twenty minutes into the book.

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And Chris is amazing!!!! He never really puts moves on Susan.

Recommended for the Janet Evanovich and Sophie Kinsella fans. I absolutely enjoyed how Chris gradually fell for Sue when he only wanted to seduce her to teach her a lesson initially.

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But when I saved Riley Berenger from falling off a mountain, that rich suburban princess decided to try to save me. I can't decide if I like this book more or less than the others. Nov 06, Shannon Miller hodges rated it it was amazing. Jul 20, Abigail Ahlers rated it it was amazing. The 5 Love Languages: Though as dating trouble goodreads passes, she minds less and less.

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Right," hooking up behind her back with her so-called "friend" Helen. So if you're a teenager in love or grown up already and just want to feel like seventeen again, come sneak a peek into my books. But just as Lucy begins to envision a new life for herself, the past catches up with her.

But that actually made the book quite a bit of fun, because I had no idea what would happen. Make Every Man Want You: Trivia About Asking for Trouble. They made me smile every time Sue's phone beeped with a new SMS.

Now, old friends, best friends, "just" friends, are fighting like cats and dogs. But can all the money in the world make up for a cheating boyfriend, a derailed career, and ending up in the middle of a media circus?

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But towards the end, she just becomes too darn annoying. This book made me have different emotions whether is happy or sad, i just simply loved it. With his dirty jokes, dashing smirk, and notorious reputation he unintentionally kills any chances of Emery being a mere paper background.

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Ah, but if you're really into British chic I did eventually get into this book but it took a long time. Even though sometimes I dislike Sophy and her behavior, I can relate with other traits in her personality.