Dating zippo lighter boxes Dating zippo lighter boxes

Dating zippo lighter boxes

So to those who ask and to those who help to find the answer, I would like to say "Thank You". This case has a stunning soft liner as you can see.

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Early Zippos have the word "Bradford" extending to above the "I" in Zippo, whilst later models have this ending above the "Z". Only the content changed. Further differences are evident when the back of the case is examined, some of the later ones having the recycle markings and the positioning of the imprinted text differs.

Note the difference in the colour cast between the two. On the earlier boxes this was just 4 tiny clips that did not secure the guarantee papers very well. One thing to be aware of is that some people may have swapped inserts between lighters in their collection in the past, so it can be possible to find brand new in box lighters where the insert and case do not match.

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The fourth change was the addition of dating zippo lighter boxes on the inside of the box base. It is found on both 3 and 5 barrel lighters and was in use from until E Case - Brass, Chrome Plated Hinge - 3 or 5 Barrel. I call these "Red Flag" boxes. When the thin box bottom was used, the lid of the box has thin strips of cardboard glued to the inside to dating zippo lighter boxes the lid from contacting the lighter.

This was found in a WWII chest,then sold to me. This box can be found with either mount as the square models were still in production till The top picture is a chrome plated Zippo, whilst the bottom picture is a Nickel-silver unplated lighter. In midtwo changes occurred, The first was that the size of the lighter was reduced by 1mm 0.

Thumb cut-outs were still used. I have not yet checked enough of these boxes to come up with definitive dates so the date below should only be used as a guide. There are some books that suggest it was a protype box, but I haven't seen enough evidence to support this claim.

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All the information on this page has been obtained from a study of these dated lighters. They also made lighter gift sets.

I am indebted to a number of other Zippo collectors, who have sent photographs of lighters in their personal collections to help me compile this page. Aroundthe Red striped underwent some more changes. The original boxes have a strip of cardboad inside the lid to raise it above the box bottom. Late Shallow Box. I will document here any changes that I discover and try my best to list the date that the change came into place. The spacing is the same as style G, but the letters are thicker, but not as thick as style H Below.

It should be noted that the new design was previously used on Zippo lighters made between March and December Post War zippo retail box.

Looking at the "CO" it will be noticed that the height of the lines has shrunk as both these letters are more rounded. There are many references to changes in the design on Zippo lighters.