Epilepsy dating service IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Have Epilepsy and It Makes It Hard to Date

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No, no, because it was the only time it had happened. Hopefully we'll be stronger for it. Because like say I'm not a different person, I'm still me but I am a different person 'cos everything about me is different.

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Epilepsy has never been an issue in Finlay's relationships though an ex-girlfriend worried about alcohol and AEDs. But aside from that it hasn't. People also felt it was really important that they could rely on their partner for help if they had a seizure.

But it is good.

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It [brain surgery and being seizure-free] affected my relationship with my husband, very very dramatically. Helen says it's hard to know when to tell people about her epilepsy. November 15, tbroadway. I met her here at the college, at youth club.

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Glad you're keeping a sense of humor! Permalink Submitted by kareterra on Thu, Maybe you have a regrettable Tweety Bird epilepsy dating service you got after one too many drinks, or maybe you talk in your sleep. I think it's a good relationship anyway but because of that it brings us closer together.

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And then epilepsy dating service sit by me on the floor and he won't leave you know, so it's really good. Aside from you know when I was really upset and when I get upset about it I'm not really in the mood.

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I think that like in general I have seizures the more panicky and under pressure I feel, the more seizures I have. You may not know anyone with E. But then it would be for the wrong reasons at the wrong time. The drugs dropped my seizure threshold and I began seizing Tonic Clonic about got hospitalized. Then there was the boy who took me to a club, but the sheer power of the bass and the constant use of strobe lighting kept me hiding in the bathroom for so long that he must have been convinced I had a serious cocaine problem.

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And on our first date, I told him about my disorder. It helped me when I was having what you have in my teens. Me, well, I have epilepsy.

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There is also the danger of low self esteem being a factor in causing you to seek this kind of relationship, the subconscious fear that somehow a "normal" person will not percieve you as being good enough for them, and so you will have better luck with one of your "own kind". To begin with, in the context of finding "serious" relationships, I think most people who are likely to actually be worth having are not going to be so badly discouraged by health issues such as epilepsy.