Eunhyuk iu dating evidence IU and Super Junior's Eunhyuk, dating?

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It can be from her fans too.


I feel bad for both them, but I am starting to ship them, they look good together. KPopRanter November 10, Her loyal fan base is also mainly Ahjusshi who usually like the 'pure innocent' image. Also, it's abvious the ones hating in the comments above aren't ELFs, it's the freaking netizens who want to find a reason to hate on anyone. Out of all the guys, I just wish all the sm boys are happy with their personal lives. Hanabiratachi November 9, at 5: Netizens found out it seems IU is at Leeteuk's house and this was when she burn her pajamas, had sex with him and took a selca, Because it looks like his sofa.

That's why I could never have a pure image if I were famous lol.

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So if they want to date or marry or even deeper than that, I don't mind since they're just human like us, they have every rights to that. It's stupid, I know But IU has this ''pure image'' and is a girl, so they'll bash her so much.

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Some people say that IU is bringing down her innocent image. And to be honest, I couldn't iu dating evidence blame anyone else because I was the one who uploaded it. I was refreshing like a motherfucker waiting for you to post about this.

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I did not know that that image required her joining a convent and dying a virgin. He even looks topless Kim Jong Kook and K.

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Anonymous November 9, at 6: There's a relationship between a man in his mid twenties and a child and ofc we put the blame on the chid just because "kids learn fast nowadays"? Min Kyu November 9, at 6: Is it just me or people here are trying to ignore the fact that she tweeted the picture? The one who is called nation's sister ,could have been more graceful Top 3 beauties 'Tae Hye Ji' are all officially married.

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I don't understand people with all this hate for IU because of this scandal, people hate Suzy because of the media, hate t-ara because of rumors.