Fulltone ocd dating Fulltone Repair Process

Fulltone ocd dating

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We do not coach you or your tech on how to repair items. That concludes our article on the speculations involving the Fulltone OCD, and the differences between each of the versions brought out.

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I liked the rhythm sound in LP mode Apr 3, 6. Apr 3, 2.

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Apr 3, 9. Sep 13, Vancouver B.

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This has been my go dirt since I've gotten it. I dating one poor soul who owns no less than sixteen OCD pedals, each with a different "tone", according to this wretched individual.

Fulltone OCD Versions

Does that mean I have a ver 1?? No, create an account now.

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Sep 28, Sep 25, 5. It should say what version it is inside I believe, why do you ask? Apparently the older ones are a bit more bassy than the v4. Is the only thing different about the V4 the taper on the gain pot or something?

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Does that mean V4's are better?