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Yeah there are heaps of them Oh now you've removed it. I know I certainly don't tell people about my gaming habits at first in case they think I can't be normal and have lots of other interests too. However — it is fun when you know she hates X game so if you are ever in an argument or debate you bet "if you lose, you have to play X game for 1 hour" LOL.

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I went in the other day and there were certainly quite a few geeky girls there. We are gamers and we made this site to bring gamers together.

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I'm not saying all gamer girls are like that, but in my personal experience most are. I'm not sure whether you're just looking for friends or for a date though, if you want to date a gamer girl you could try making a profile on Okcupid and put videogames in your interests and you can search for likeminded girls.

You'll just have to get over the frustrating period of them becoming competent with the controller and constantly staring at the ground while walking into a wall in CoD i. Then the ex game dating sites australia came back and they were saying they played him etc etc to take back control. And they are genuine in their love for those things i myself don't get the attraction to Dr Who for example.

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Meet nerdy singles in your area. Wouldnt it be like my gf trying to train me into getting interested in make up?

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Would you prefer 'conditioning' rather than 'training'? While GamerDating is focused on romance, it is also an online community where users can come together and discuss games. Geeks and dorks find love here.

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That being said, the communities on the site do tend to be somewhat lacking. Girls, I'm curious, what does your impression of a desirable geeky guy look like? I've been kicked from a raid before on my prot pally tank because I spoke on vent before the encounter started.

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They do have a rudimentary matchmaking system: You will also be able to produce reports and track your program results. Traditional dating sites don't get it, but on Gk2Gk we help you make sense of the dating world, and simplify your love search.

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