Girl i dating talks about other guys Why Women Mention Other Men Even IF They Are Interested in You!

Girl i dating talks about other guys, become a better man

Girl I'm dating is "talking" to other guys

When I go out with girls it's because I am looking for a relationship, not just sex. A girl talking about her boyfriend means, most importantly, that she is taken. Or, she might just see you as one of her little girlfriends that she cant chat to about cute guys. DO something about it cos she'll think you're not interested and will move on.

After all that dating I've pretty much nailed down the type of girl I want and she's it.

Girl i'm dating talking about other guys that hit on her & other situations, naive?

She is using it as a challenge. Why is it HER fault you're putting all your eggs in one basket when she isn't? Juvenile, but in your 20s you do things like that Although you always should have a great time with her, never ever tell her everything. It is quite possible she is thinking of you in a sexual way.

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When a woman informs you of her feelings, especially if those feelings are positive of the guy, then there is nothing going on between you. Seems like other people have good ideas though, but I'd at least like to add that you shouldn't take it too bad if things don't girl i dating talks about other guys out. I don't sleep with girls I just meet, and I didn't want to come off that way. Especially if the worst case scenario- she's taking advantage of you emotionally- is true.

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Ask these girls out if you like them. Results 1 to 15 of And I did show her a good time. This thread is locked. Get mad at the situation and kick her to the side,current girlfriend wont even text guys because she doesnt have any interest in anybody else. That was a bout a week ago and I haven't kissed her since. Perhaps it is the benefit of 20 years but playing it cool is not really all that it is cracked up to be.

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See other girls on the side and keep yourself busy. Since we're not official, I have no reason to be mad right? Join Date May Gender: But recently I've noticed a change in your behavior towards me, and I can't help but wonder what has changed.

Maybe she just doesn't feel like you're "asserting your dominance" as much.

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This is very important information. Here's hoping it all ends up well. If you say no haha!

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She's not into you, but enjoys the attention.