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Talking to women never ends up anywhere. It happened more when I was younger. As an example, one of the people I hurt was this girl I met through raving. I would say that technically nothing is unconditional, and yet, in a marriage, we have to act as if it is. When people finally meet they are often let down because their expectations exceeded the reality. I gave up on women 15 years ago.

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Maybe I'm selfish but meh. There are guys who get a date and spend gobs of dough trying to buy her affection If you live in a city full of douche-bags, not such a bad idea.

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I understand that women are much much more materialistic so this is more important to them. Not enough to support him, his wife and daughter. So now I've got my own well-paying job, my own house and my own car.

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Imagine living in a small town without as many dating prospects. I didn't date after that.

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Why do people assume that only women go through this? Chemistry and connection can't be forced. I'm pretty given up on dating sites and struggling right now anyways so I can't do much in terms of dating if I wanted to.

I am sick of women constantly being blamed for being single. Take a good look at the divorce rate here in the US and compare it too other countries.

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When we marry, we tell ourselves that we have found a person who satisfies MOST of our conditions for long-term love, and by marrying that person we are effectively saying that whatever conditions they do not have, we will forgive. That feels like it's beyond my comtrol and some spooky Universe Force is in charge. I focus on myself, my career and saving money. Gambian ladies dating your biggest turn-on?

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Completes them, if you will. Actually most people are compatible with loads of others, they're all around us in fact. Yep, I have dated and have many friends that are Conservatives.

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I wouldn't say I've "given up" on dating. Of course they indicated this was true. Because it doesn't exist here given up on dating sites and instead of settling for some over tattooed obese American slob who can't even cook a box of Macaroni and Cheese, I want a REAL woman who dresses like a woman and acts like a woman.

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I cannot, no matter how hard I try, care about someone else's problem. When you feel you've pinpointed what's really important to you create your action dating plan, adopt a positive attitude and get ready to play.

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Every interaction that I have with a person of the opposite gender, I automatically assume that they're just being friendly. I am fortunate enough to have good friends. It's not perfect, and I'm probably gonna try again sometime in the future when I'm more satisfied with myself, but for now, the bandaid is working. However, neither of you would take kindly to being told to be alone or settle for someone totally wrong for you. Yes, I remember my wife fondly, of course I do.