Hook up drunk girl The Drunken Hookup: Rules and Regulations

Hook up drunk girl

Impress yourself for a change. The Education of a Bodybuilder" by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This post reminds me of an experience I had a couple weeks ago.

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DJonedayFeb 17, So you didnt have a hook up drunk girl with those girls!!? If they are so drunk that they don't know where they are, I wouldn't go for it. How's anyone suppose to get laid with strict rules like that!

Ive got one more guideline though. She felt embarrased and wouldn't respond to my messages.

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Advice and analysis for anyone who considers themself a Hardcase Newbie: Alcohol is a terrible excuse. But, whatever, fuck it.

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Sep 13, 8. As a result, we often face a certain dilemma: Do you stay away from girls you can tell are drunk if you are sober?

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No, create an account now. There is no place for victims in this world. Feel free to comment on the above or propose other rules you believe necessary.

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Nov 15, Messages: Sep 13, 3. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

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You gotta decide dating in dubai app yourself what's right and wrong in your own moral code of conduct. They'd better be guidelines. Feb 10, Messages: Posted May 25th, at 3: Personally I would avoid doing it, but I wouldn't call somebody a rapist if they did that.

Although I would say that if the chick is so drunk she can hardly even stand and is slurring her words or something, then that would be wrong no matter what the situation.

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Do NOT hook up with a girl if: Well, she was trying to stand. CaptainMorganFeb 20, However, legally it might be rape. I don't usually pray, but when I do This thread got Ambiguity banned, you can thank me later. If she only learns about your rendezvous from others, it's not going sit right in her mind.

Be Greedy, not Needy. She was so fucked up she couldn't stand on her own. Jun 6, Messages: