How do you hook up amp to door speakers Installing a DIY Car Amplifier

How do you hook up amp to door speakers

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However, an amp might expose your Sony speakers for the under-performers they are. Register Help Remember Me? The only way it's ever for "filling" is if you install low frequency drivers back there and use the air space and rear widow reflection to enhance the bottom end. Here's what I put in my car: If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons!

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Now days you need a Phd to decipher the math use to get the true power rating of amps on the market.

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Also, how can he recommend an Eclipse EA when that amp has been discontinued for over a year now. It can be used to enhance the front sound stage or it can be used to draw the sound stage back so that all passengers can enjoy the music. Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site. We strongly suggest that you stay away from using aol, yahoo, msn, and hotmail accounts. I would definitely run separate grounds for each amp though. If your amp isn't capable of doing 2ohm resistance then it will either throw the amp into protection mode how do you hook up amp to door speakers it's unlikely that it will work afterwards.

I don't really understand why you are on a Polk Audio website asking about stuff that isn't Polk Audio though. An amp doesn't necessarily allow you to play anything louder. Sometimes the mail server blocks the emails from our server.

Help installing amp for door speakers?

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Originally Posted by NikRose It looks like you're new here. The rear is not for filling. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. If you're asking if you can run the same channels that are already running to your amp to additional speakers. As short as possible, bolted into the chassis sanded bare.

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I would just go by the fuse that's in each amp to estimate how much draw it has. What an amp does is it provides you more overhead power to compensate for the programming peaks so you aren't overdrawing your headunit and getting all kinds of distortion. I suppose you could potentially end up with a ground loop interference using the same power wire, but it's not likely. Alpine power pack was more than enough power for me.

Re: Help installing amp for door speakers?

Currently orbiting Bowie's Blackstar.! Maybe I read that wrong and you're planning on installing a second amp, using the existing power wire?

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It is a separate sound stage. Also, the crossover for tweeters should keep the ohms the same across the board. Now if you're adding in tweeters you have a little more wiggle room as far as resistance, since the ohm load on the tweeters doesn't work quite like other speakers.

Simply run speaker wire directly from the outputs on the amp to the speakers. It doesn't really matter which of the two wires you connect to each of the spades on the speaker, but however you do it you want them to be all wired uniformly. Leave the box empty or press 'Cancel' to complete the list: So while it may SEEM you are playing your music louder, you typically aren't.