Kensi and deeks dating fanfiction Kensi and deeks dating fanfiction

Kensi and deeks dating fanfiction

Curiously the three of us are the same age but I'm still the youngest.

He tucks behind my ear a strand of hair that fell from my ponytail before saying, "I love you too, Cupcake. Sydney also has a brother but he's her twin brother, Zachary. He likes you because you make me happy and for that's all that matters to him. So, when it comes to friends I never had many apart from Camilla and Sydney.

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But she had wanted some time to themselves, to find who they are as a couple and not as work partners. Opening the door to the place that was once her home but has recently become a mere stop to collect a few things, Deeks' apartment has been more home lately, they had more or less been living together these last six months.

Taking his time with here, letting her forget, even for a short while the face of the woman who looked so much like her.

How It All Began 2. Login Stay on this Page.

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The Rescue of Marty Deeks A Chance Meeting 9. Oh boy, now go ahead Kensi, go have dinner with Mom and Dad to tell them the news, you know you can't postpone it anymore Camilla's parents have done this before, the letting go. He thinks you're funny. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Camilla has an older brother named Ryan, he's 3 years older than us and he's getting his Law degree here in LA but he stays there on their campus during classes.

He looked back at her and she saw something in his eyes, but it had to be a trick of the light…right? It's a thing that runs in the "family". I promise you Deeks will be here anytime soon. I deepen the kiss taking one of my hands up to the back of his neck and the other grabs a fistful of his shirt pulling his chest closer to mine.

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Jack's my boyfriend and he just turned As for myself, I'm just glad it's over and I can't wait for my future! He stops the car right in front of my house, gets out and leans back against his door while I get out and take my backpack with me.

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As soon as he disappears from our sight I turn back to Jack and give him a stern look. Both their fathers are members of my Dad's team, have been for more than 20 and datings fanfiction now.

It's Just Girly Stuff 5. Well I'll be on my way back in then. After she said that she regretted it, because Deeks got a smile on his face and she knew he had a smart remark, before he even opened his mouth….

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She was still in shock as she realized he had been serious and dating fanfiction he asked her out on an actual date… Now it seemed she had lost her chance with, Deeks. The ONE Date 6. It had been a long day, one that hit them all a little too close to home, the victim had looked like her. All Kensi wanted to do was go home and take a nice, relaxing bath.

Not just a little but a lot, they could have been sisters if he didn't know better.

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