Leonard starts dating rajs sister Leonard and Penny

Leonard starts dating rajs sister, 'the big bang theory': why is leonard with priya?

In " The Zarnecki Incursion " Leonard is too preoccupied helping Sheldon with tracking his stolen computer game stuff to spend time with Priya and she goes on to apparently contact her ex-boyfriend.

A drunk Raj complains that no girl wants to kiss him, to which Bernadette shows sympathy for him. In Season 4Leonard and Penny's relationship had a bit of awkwardness. At that moment, Bernadette cuts him off in what appears to be a rejection, however she actually accepts his marriage proposal, devastating Raj.

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Amy plans to move in with Sheldon as roommates. Penny gets back together with Zack. It did not go beyond it because Priya was uninterested in a relationship. The Big Bang Theory.

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Penny plays the role of Spock as she feels that Sheldon needs to come out of his leonard starts dating rajs sister zone, while Sheldon plays the dual role of himself and his mother.

They mainly discuss Leonard's skills in the bedroom. Retrieved January 21, Even though they are living together in 4Bthey sometimes sleep in 4Ain Leonard's old room.

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PennyAmy and Bernadette call her a bitch. Raj is initially upset, but reconciles with Leonard after he says that Priya broke his heart. Wolowitz's reaction to the news of Howard and Bernadette's engagement.

Bernadette is upset because Howard always goes home after sex so that he can help his mother in the morning. Meanwhile, after one of the scientists at the biology lab is bitten by a radioactive rat, Howard and Raj argue about who would be the better superhero with Raj expressing his desire to be "Rat-Man". Thinking about the wedding details they decide on a small church wedding dressed in black tie tuxes and no releasing of butterflies. Amy asks Penny to join her, Bernadette and the other guys on a trip to a science conference in Big SurCaliforniaas she believes them to be her best friends.

This proves to be a failure, as Amy finds out that Zack is extremely stupid.

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Meanwhile, after Howard offhandedly mentions that Raj's younger sister Priya has come to Pasadena and is staying at Raj's apartment, Leonard rushes over there to talk to her.

No surprises and no regrets. After returning to her apartment following dinner, Penny breaks down crying, which confirms that she still has feelings for Leonard. Penny spreads a rumor that Bernadette is thinking of breaking up with Howard.

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The guys run into Howard's ex-girlfriend Bernadette while having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.