Line 6 pod hook up How to Use the Four Cable Method

Line 6 pod hook up

Please log in to reply. This Guitar Effects Course gives you a thorough look at the most common types of guitar effects including gain pedals and how to use them. While on the topic, also try changing Input 2 to see which sounds best. I know I ask a lot questions but it's the only way I can understand what's going with your set-up.

Experiment with different settings At the beginning of this guide I said that some effects generally sound better before the preamp and some generally sound better in the effects loop.

Go with what sounds good to you, Full Amp vs. Not all multi-effects units will work with the 4 cable method. If not, Guitar in on the HD My questions are as follows:.

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The reverb, delay and chorus all come after the preamp which means they enhance the tone after all the drive. You can choose one or the other but not both. Community Forum Software by IP.

What is the 4 Cable Method?

This gives you plenty of flexibility and allows you to easily experiment with which effects should go where. So, i turn on the pod hdthe sounds like weak, its like something in background.

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Community Forum Software by IP. Just a heads up this patch is a bit more complex than line 6 pod hook up a Screamer and Amp.

Why is the 4 Cable Method Popular?

This guide will explain the four cable dating for business owners, the pros and cons, how to do it for different rigs along with diagrams and simple explanations. Glad your getting somewhere good with your HD Well, i turn on he and played now. Master, Volume, Bass, Midle, Treble: The way the M13 works is that you can split up the chain of effects and send some to the effects loop.

Actually it is often labelled fx loop return. I very rarely use a noise gate.

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Must Have Guitar Accessories for Beginners. Man, this is a little cheap practice amp made in China or something like thatby the Brazilian brand, Meteoro.

It's loud but the pre-amp sounds like crap. I notice that impossible use the 4 cable method, right?! It is just dead when I try the fx return on amp only seems to work going in to main amp input. The first thing you need is an amp that has an effects loop.