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Matchmaking world of warships

No, all that would do is dating linkedin any imbalances among ships of a given two tiers.

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I agree with you. This will still be unfair to tier V, because they are downtiered once but uptiered twice, but it would still drastically improve the situation. Rhialto, on Apr 21 - Sure it sucks to be bottom tier in those lower tiers, but I didn't feel it happened enough to warrant this change.

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You are complaining about the Kirov, really? Unless they cause a positive discussion.

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Additionally, excessively long forum signatures are not permitted. IDK how to fix it.

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T5s seeing T7s makes it a hell of a slog to play through, and I feel you on that - I've all but retired my Tier 5 ships as a result. I, on the other hand, think that the OP has a fair point.

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This type of matchup removes all matchmaking world of warships from the game as tier 5 ships are just fodder for everyone else in the match. Most T8s are at least sufficiently powerful enough to actually face T10s so it isn't all bad. What should we call you?

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The fact is you are nowhere near a 5. When things clog up a bit I see 30 tanks that are all at the same tier? The changes WG have made in MM make total sense to me.

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If you are top tier you can afford to yolo, but not when you are a downtiered cruiser. The problem is extremely serious and it is my hope that WG developers and senior WOWs players will see this post and pass it up the chain of command.