Mustang gt speed dating Ad of the Day: Ford Pranks Guys by Sending Them on a Blind Date With a Stunt Driver

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At first, the dudes act all macho.

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A couple of guys get into the spirit of things, shouting, "That's what I'm talkin' about! The reactions are predictable but barasat gay dating. Tokoroa head girl star of national awards. After meeting in a bistro for supposed "chemistry checks," Persson takes each for a spin in her red Mustang GT, which is fitted with hidden cameras, naturally. Ultimately, she shows them, in an empty parking lot, with some crazy-ass, high-speed driving straight out of an action movie.

It's one thing to step into a racy, red Ford Mustang with a good-looking woman sitting in the driver's seat.

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And like those viral smashes, Ford's effort is tearing up the fast lane, with almost 10 million YouTube views since its launch a week before Valentine's Day.

You are already subscribed to this mustang gt speed dating. That's when the hidden cameras start to roll.

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It's something, else, entirely, when unbeknownst the to her clueless male passengers, she's actually a stunt driver whose social media mission is to take them on the hair-raising rides of their lives. One dude barely manages to croak out "Why are we going so fast? Unsuspecting men are taken for a "speed dating" ride by a female professional stunt driver in the new Ford Mustang GT.

The actors were asked to meet up with the show's supposed "star" who would determine if there was enough chemistry between them. In the video that's posted, some guys seem genuinely shocked - others appear to be having a blast. The premise was simple enough. Follow Us facebook twitter linkedin instagram Feed.

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Ford did something similar around Halloween about a car that enters a car wash filled with unexpected, spooky creatures. Then, she takes them out to her car. Off camera, they meet in a diner.

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Mustang speed dating prank video goes viral. Yet another offers to drive so he can show Persson "what this thing can do. When they first step into her Mustang GT, with a manual transmission, she acts like she hardly knows how to drive it.

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Ford worked with a talent agency that pretended to be seeking young actors to audition for a new TV show pilot about dating. How can Ford, in a meaningful way, enter the conversation? Last year, for example, Pepsi Max teamed with race car legend Jeff Gordon, who went incognito and took an unsuspecting car salesman on the mustang gt speed dating drive of his life. To update your preferences, click here.

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Thank you for subscribing. As for the handful of actors who each got taken for ride, well, Zuehlk says, "they were all good sports. Viewed Shared Commented Hamilton Boys' High School student injured in girls' undie prank South to get cold shock next week Ewen Macdonald has remarried in a small, secret ceremony Teen's cancer diagnosis fear was dad would not understand what was happening to her UK bus company boss sacks all staff, says he can't mustang gt speed dating with them 'a moment longer' Driver sentenced over fatal crash near Waitoa Auckland house prices fall for first time since - QV Rats and fat clog up Dannevirke sewer Photos reveal brutal injuries suffered in Hanmer kidnapping The Bachelor NZ's Zac Franich and Viarni Bright break up.

The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe they're auditioning for a new dating show starring Persson, and are unaware of her skills behind the wheel. That's logged nearly 3 million views. Persson, a leading stunt car driver, was hired by the automaker for a prank video from Team Detroit and production house The Work.

But then she pulls it into a nearby, empty parking lot, she takes them on a thrill ride filled with plenty of 's and tyre smoke. One brags that he's "a very adventurous guy.