My daughter is dating my friend My Ex is Dating My Friend! How to Handle it and How to Keep From Going Insane

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He's a great great man and I'm thankful for what he did for me, but I can't wrap my head around this! After those feelings came anger.

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Your ideals sound good in words, but in practice, they don't work very well in all scenarios. They made their choice and you can make your's. Log In Sign Up.

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Which says some pretty sad things about the older partner. People insulting your dad need to get off their high horse. I have a lot of issues with sexuality, for example. I'm getting downvoted to the lower reaches.

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We have funny videos, exclusive interviews, and hot new entertainment release clips and trailers. But I know I'm the one losing.

My Friend Started Dating My Crush and I Don’t Know How To Deal

Keep up with the story here. Make sure not to react in front of others because it could get back to your ex and your friend I mean, your ex friend. And that friend I don't see ever. This doesn't undo his years of fatherhood.

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It just seems like a shame that the OP is digging in and toasting her relationship with her father over this. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

The only way to get those feelings to go away is to make a decision and stick to it… and also to give yourself some time. If my dad pulled this shit I would be done. That's part of being a grownup.

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The fact they both did this behind your back, then just expected you to be okay with it, gives the impression they care more about their 3-month infatuation more than you.