My sister dating my ex boyfriend what can i do about my ex dating my sister?

My sister dating my ex boyfriend

Your sister will forever be comparing herself to you. Both parties have known you intimately.

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I think I agree with the people saying you're jealous of her because your post is so focused on your ex BF when he is probably the least at fault. It would be one thing if she was hanging out with an ex of mine for a long time and their feelings for each other grew but this is just getting ridiculous now. It's a small step from dating an ex to sleeping with my current bf. It would also help put you in touch with your feminine side and would make a great story for the grandkids one day!

They should instead be instilling in their daughters a strong sense of self worth, self value, independence, and "you got her backshe's got yours" attitude for both of you. If you beat her then what they still going to be together.

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Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. If you don't like the situation, find a new one. It's quite possible that your biggest mistake after the cheating was in trying to hide it from your family; it's very possible that's what led directly to this. Sis, if you decide that you want to be with him that is fine.

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It does seem odd that he's with her. I know you are going to have to accept it, but it is really not easy This was a huge violation of sister code. You talk about drifting apart, and you spent a month in Italy without him to "get some head space", both of which are pretty clear signs of a relationship reaching it's natural end. I would try to make your parents see this.

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This is 7 years of going to family events, funerals, weddings, and ceremonies introducing him as my boyfriend.

From mutual friends that we still kind of share it seemed like my ex got over the breakup quick but good for him, again it was my mistake and I was my sister dating my ex boyfriend to see him succeeding the transition into single life.

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Let them know about the cheating if you'd like, but it will probably just be another point in the column in favor of your ex being with your sister. Your parents will never look at you the same way again, and forget about attending their wedding if it gets that far.

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Cheating or not, your family needs to reevaluate where their loyalties lie. She's 21 now and he likely only recently got to know her for her adult personality. This dude probably isn't going to stick around forever, but your sister is always going to be your sister.

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You can only tell your side of the story and see if they want to see you or if they'd rather just let things persist as they are now. The problem lies in the fact that his relationship is some big, twisted, weird thing. Now this man who I loved for 7 years and still love dearly is dating my younger sister while pretending that this doesn't affect me at all.

Does she do that with your friends aswell? OP, are you considering the fact that the reason your EX hasn't told anyone about the cheating is because it's also painful and humiliating for him? If it would make you feel better, tell the same thing to your parents.