Off grid living dating site Finding Love and Companionship Off the Grid

Off grid living dating site

I have a deep interest to live of c grid and I have been putting off the transforation for too long now. Outdoorsman, if you play an instrument even better.

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Libraries are hotspots for smart gals and guys and if you hang out there often enough you'll inevitably cross paths. I live in Florida now, but would relocate anywhere we decided on together.

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Look up and down the BC coast at people who drive their big new 4 x 4 up to the 50 acre estate and say wow this is the life off the grid. Hi Ed, I would like to hear more about your place in Southern Ohio.

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Yeh, having just exited a relationship with my babymama and being now in a similar boat, welcome to ze club. Ladies… this 55yr gent is seeking a knowledgeable lass for off grid living.

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They will be more likely to come and help you when you need it. I have a few acres on a rural road outside a small town in Southern Ontario and I am planning to develop it to suit my idea of off the grid, small house built with low cost materials from used and smart use materials.

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And I am now learning about Survival Aquaponics. As a side note, they often won't ever achieve their dream of owning a farm because they are uncomfortable with money and capitalism altogether and lack any business or marketing sense.

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We are all attracted initially by looks so please respond with a current picture of yourself and what your plans are. I spend most of the time by my self and stay busy either working on cutting wood, fishing or hiking and do wish I could find a off grid living dating site minded woman to share it with. Try okcupid, and dont be afraid to cast a wide net. I hate these northern midwest winters.


He met his wife while wearing homemade moccasins and always shat squatting. Am currently living and dating antique cameos at the Gambia Radio and Television Services as a cameraman, making documentary and film to promote self reliance in the Gambia, West Africa.

Reality is that there are a lot of long derelict developments in some really nice wilderness locations and there are some fantastic developments in other grid locations.

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If you have a community radio station start listening to it, there's good chance they read off local events that might suit your interests. I was just reading through site as I was bored.