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It means all other things being equal, two people, of whatever race, should have the same chance to have a successful relationshp. Having a hard time picking a name?

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Feel free to message the mods and discuss it before posting. DateHookup has a distinct userbase, a distinct user acquisition model, a distinct interface, yet their data reflects the same basic biases: And they get lots of attention from men.

What is the harm if your using the data for yourself to learn more about data science and not actually releasing any info?

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If you have a big nose, play it up. These numbers reflect different people year-to-year. Using unethically sourced data creates a demand for it, and so increases the likelyhood of more unethical collection of data in the future. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. People might be upset by the newfound ability to sort and filter through the data, then select a username based on their search results and look them up on the website It is also disrespectful to the people who were harmed in the collection of the data.

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Designed by Shane Zucker. I actually thought of another one too: If you have a dating data snaggletooth, play it up: Releasing that data without even bothering to remove any personally identifiable information is against basic ethics.

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The ethical thing to do is pretty easy -- just learn on an ethically sourced dataset. When you meet your freshman roommates.

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